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Elevating commercial spaces with bespoke furniture solutions

When you’ve been in the business of retail furniture and design for more than half a century, you come to master the creation of beautiful, smart and functional living spaces and environments.

Our world encompasses the best furniture manufacturers and accessory designers. And we excel at creating made to measure, fully customizable furniture options. We have access to an outstanding array of design pieces to make any room and every space more versatile and, most importantly, more profitable.

We understand what makes furniture last a long time and what materials, finishes, design, colors, and trends make good sense. With these insights, we can maximize the space value of any concept and any project. In fact, our talent for customizing every project is our mission statement to the market.  We help you make the most of your investment while minimizing costs and creating value.


Club Med
Minto Apartments

Let's work together

Ready to take your commercial space to the next level? Contact mobiliab2b today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts. We'll work with you to create a customized solution that meets your unique needs and budget.

2525 Sources Blv., H9R 5Z9, Pointe-Claire, Quebec

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