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Welcome to mobiliab2b

Mobilia boasts a rich history that spans over five decades. Established in 1966 in Montreal by founder Hans Kau, the company has evolved into a thriving family business with a significant presence, encompassing nine branches in both Quebec and Ontario.

Notably, 50 years later, 2016 marked the birth of mobiliab2b division in Montreal, a testament to the company's adaptability and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its clientele.


Tailored services

Discover the full spectrum of services enhancing every facet of your project with mobiliab2b. While the mentioned services are highlights, our commitment extends beyond, ensuring a comprehensive approach tailored to meet all your project needs. From dedicated project management to custom FF&E, worldwide sourcing, and white glove delivery, we are your one-stop solution for elevating every aspect of your project with unmatched quality and service.

Cargo Ship at Sea

Worldwide sourcing

Discover the world with mobiliab2b's Worldwide Sourcing service, where we go beyond FF&E to bring you a global array of premium products. From furnishings to decor and beyond, our extensive network ensures access to the finest items worldwide. If you have a specific vision or request, don't hesitate to ask. Your imagination sets the limit, and we're here to source it for you.


Custom FF&E

Celebrate uniqueness with mobiliab2b's custom FF&E service. Tailored to your exact specifications, our custom furnishings add a distinctive touch to your spaces. Whether you're envisioning bespoke furniture, unique lighting, or personalized decor, our team of experts turns your ideas into reality. Elevate your project with one-of-a-kind pieces designed exclusively for you.

Dedicated project management

Experience the ease of project management with mobiliab2b's Dedicated Project Management service. Your single point of contact from start to finish, our dedicated professional ensures smooth coordination, timely delivery, and a successful outcome for your project. Simplify your experience and focus on your business while we handle the details.

Visual Project

White glove delivery

Step into a world of unparalleled service with mobiliab2b's White Glove Delivery. Our commitment goes beyond simply delivering your furnishings; it's about providing a meticulous and premium experience. From careful transportation to precise assembly, our dedicated team ensures every detail is handled with the utmost care. Choose White Glove Delivery for a service that mirrors the quality of our products and brings an extra layer of refinement to your project.

Moving Truck

Our quality guarantee

At mobiliab2b, our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and our Quality Guarantee is a testament to this pledge. We take pride in delivering products and services of the highest standard, meticulously curated to meet your exact specifications. Our dedication to quality extends from the selection of premium materials to the craftsmanship of each piece.

With mobiliab2b, you can trust in the durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of our offerings. We stand behind our products and services, ensuring your complete satisfaction. If you ever have concerns or questions, our team is ready to address them promptly.

Experience the assurance that comes with our Quality Guarantee—your project deserves nothing less than the best, and at mobiliab2b, excellence is our standard.

Elevate your project with mobiliab2b.
Contact us for superior FF&E solutions today.

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